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About Simon

Simon is a snow-white cat with dreamy blue eyes

He looks like a bunny, but he’s bad tempered and prickly. That’s why he ignores humans—because he has better things to do—really.

I’m Barb of—Simon’s roommate (slave) and designer-author of this blog, and to the best of my ability, I’ll share Simon’s wit and wisdom in pictures and stories. Read Simon’s Staff for more about my inspiration and credits.

In the beginning

Simon was born in the University District of Seattle, on April 11, 2008. I met him a few weeks later and fell in love with his pink ears and nose—and those eyes. I adopted him a few days later. After the resident children said goodbye, I unceremoniously stuffed him into a cardboard carrier where I was introduced to his vocal capacity. On his way to Phinney Ridge, he bit and scratched his way out to his new roaming grounds.

Simon showed from an early age that:

  • He needs space
  • He needs to be in charge
  • He needs his down time

Simon was born in the Year of the Rat and he takes this tradition seriously. The fabulous aroma and lightening-quick movements of rodents keeps Simon mesmerized once the moon rises. After a successful hunt there isn’t much left over, but the remains are placed skillfully under my neighbor’s Mugo pine tree—the official abattoir.

An unintended benefit of Simon’s hunting activity, is an essence left in his fur I can only describe as “Eau de rat’s nest.” Fortunately, Simon is not a lap cat. Simon has become a lap cat (since Roo died) at his discretion, and I am delighted, no matter how he smells.

Simon’s Credo

  • Live in the moment
  • Keep a safe distance from humans
  • Start each day up on the roof
  • Nap deeply in one of a dozen secret spots
  • Then play, play, play, seriously